On Board Damage Control

MFT’s ON-Board Damage Control (OBDC) program inserts professional damage control (DC) instructors into the working environment of a vessel during a voyage. Our staff is comprised of highly experienced DC instructors. Most have significant service time in the DC/HT ratings of the U.S. Coast Guard and Navy

In selecting our instructors, MFT has engaged only those with real, practical experience in this subject matter. The cadre includes a core contingent from the Seattle Fire Department’s highly regarded Marine Emergency Response and Technical Rescue Teams. All are prepared to deliver customized demonstrations and hands-on training exercises designed to build skills and confidence in your crew. (View our instructor bio’s)

MFT instructors provide an array of training services through interactions with officers and crew in accordance with a mutually-agreed upon schedule. (This includes the flexibility to instantly revise scheduled activities to accommodate vessel operating requirements.)

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  • Conduct training sessions
  • Observe and assess drills
  • Evaluate damage control readiness
  • Evaluate “On-Scene Command” and “Command and Control”; Incident management capabilities at all levels
  • Advisory assessment of vessel DC equipment and procedures.
  • Written report detailing all training, assessments, and equipment evaluation.

All aspects of our training programs can be customized to a client’s specific needs, including incorporation of company emergency response protocols and policies into training based on professional damage control “best practices”.

  • Incident Command
  • Communications
  • Flooding control and dewatering
  • Shoring
  • Training in a shore based DC trainer is also available

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MFT instructors are prepared to cover every aspect of DC response, from patching to setting flooding boundaries, shoring, stability management and dewatering. We stand ready to help prepare your vessel and crew for the moment when taking immediate, appropriate action might make the difference between a manageable accident and a disaster.

To inquire about developing a custom training program for your vessel or fleet, email us at mft@shipfire.com. We can also be reached by telephone at (206) 972-3838.

MFT also offers fire fighting training designed for delivery aboard ship. Please explore the On Board Fire Fighting section of our website.