On Board Fire Fighting

MFT’s On-Board Fire Fighting (OBFF) training concept inserts certified (“Technician” level) professional marine fire fighters into the working environment of a vessel during a voyage. Our staff is comprised of U.S. Coast Guard and Navy Approved fire fighting instructors with over 20 years average experience combating marine fires. Most have significant sea service aboard Merchant Marine, Navy, and Coast Guard vessels of various types.

In selecting our instructors, we have drawn heavily from Seattle area fire departments, and the Washington State Fire Training Academy’s Marine Fire Fighting Program, including a core contingent from the Seattle Fire Department’s highly regarded “Marine Emergency Response Team”. (Biographical information provided here)

MFT instructors provide an array of training, inspection, auditing and planning services through interactions with officers and crew in accordance with a mutually-agreed upon schedule. (This includes the flexibility to instantly revise scheduled activities to accommodate vessel operating requirements.)

On Board Fire Fighting 1

  • Conduct training sessions (both formal and informal)
  • Observe and assess fire drills
  • Evaluate fire team readiness
  • Evaluate  “On-Scene Command” and “Command and Control”; incident management capabilities at all levels
  • Review and comment on pre-incident plans, policies and procedures from the viewpoint of highly experienced responders.
  • Advisory assessment of vessel fire equipment and fixed fire protection systems.
  • Written report detailing all training that has been conducted, and findings of the advisory inspection.

All aspects of our training programs can be customized to a client’s specific needs, including incorporation of company emergency response protocols and policies into training based on professional marine fire fighting “best practices”.

On Board Fire Fighting 2

  • Classroom sessions
  • Workstation presentations
  • Hands-on fire fighting drills
  • Incident Command, including command level strategy and tactics
  • Communications
  • Smoke  and Ventilation control
  • Search and Rescue
  • Evacuation and Crowd Management

MFT instructors are prepared to cover every aspect of incident response from basic fire chemistry to the operation of portable fire extinguishers, hose handling techniques, direct and indirect attacks, water conservation, span of control, and use/application of extinguishing agents including carbon dioxide, foams and specialty agents. We stand ready to help your crew prepare for the worst, while striving to make sure the worst never happens!

To inquire about developing a custom training program for your vessel or fleet, email us at mft@shipfire.com, or call us at (206) 972-3838.

MFT also offers damage control training designed for delivery aboard ship. Please explore the Damage Control Training section of our website.