Shoreside Fire Fighting

MFT’s Shoreside Fire Fighting (SSFF) training is focused on providing structural fire fighters with the knowledge they need to understand the substantial differences in strategies and tactics required for successful mitigation of ship fires. Our instruction staff is comprised of professional fire fighters who are “Technician Level” ship fire specialists. Most have significant sea service aboard Merchant Marine, Navy, and Coast Guard vessels of various types.

In selecting our instructors, we have drawn heavily from Seattle area fire departments, and the Washington State Fire Training Academy’s Marine Fire Fighting Program. This group includes a core contingent from the Seattle Fire Department’s highly regarded “Marine Emergency Response Team” special operations unit. (Biographical information for our instructors)

MFT instructors present classroom and practical training sessions designed to enhance the attendee’s understanding of the real differences between firefighting in a structure on land, and aboard one that is floating. (This program is completely customizable to the needs of the attending organization. It can be targeted to the type of vessels and facilities present in the client’s jurisdiction.)
Shoreside Fire Fighting 1

  • Basic vessel construction
  • Fire Control Plans
  • On-board systems
  • Stability
  • Strategy, tactics and equipment
  • Overhaul and dewatering

MFT programs accommodate a client agency’s SOP’s and guidelines, and our training is based on NFPA standards for marine fire fighting and safety. All aspects of operational readiness can be addressed including initial assessment, Incident Command, Critical Decision Making, Environmental, and Hazardous Materials considerations.

Shoreside Fire Fighting 2

  • Size-up
  • Planning
  • Structural hazards
  • Communications
  • Ventilation
  • Search and Rescue

MFT instructors are prepared to cover every aspect of incident response from initial dispatch to size-up and first report, vessel access, fire boundaries, direct or indirect attack, non-traditional extinguishing agents and jurisdictional issues. We stand ready to help your crews make the right decision on arrival.

To inquire about developing a custom training program for your organization or company, email us at, or call us at (206) 972-3838.

MFT also offers Confined Space Rescue training designed for emergencies occurring aboard ship.